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Client Tutorial – Online Store – Domain Transfer v1

Domain Transfer: If the desired domain for the Online Store is currently registered in your personal email address, then please follow these instructions:

1. Create a PLAIN TEXT email.

MS Outlook: Create a new email > Select the options tab > Select Plain Text (under the Format section)

GMAIL – New Compose: In the lower right corner you will see a downward arrow. This is “More options”. Click on it and select “Plain text mode”.

GMAIL – Old Compose: By default this is “Plain text”.


2. Insert this email address:

3. Insert this as subject:

4. Cc this address: (This is step is optional, it is just so that we can see if there was any mistake, and rectify it next time around)

5. Paste text: Insert exactly, (do not change anything) directly from the attached .txt file. Copy all the text and insert into body of email

  1. In order to select all you can use the Crtl +A command. Open txt file, click anywhere in text and press the “Ctrl” button, while holding it down press “A” key.
  2. Then copy and paste as instructed.
  3. Send the email.

6. You should receive a response within 5 minutes. Forward the response to me. Thanks!



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