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Permanent Online Store Features
Feature Description The Great Deal- Online Retail Package The Grand - Online Retail Package The Awesome - Online Retail Package
UNLIMITED BandwidthNo limits on how many clients or how busy your site is. We've got you covered.  tick  tick  tick
UNLIMITED Product CategoriesCreate an unlimited number of categories regardless of your package.  tick  tick  tick
 UNLIMITED ProductsStart BIG and grow BIGGER. Unlimited means YOU decide exactly what you sell and when.  tick  tick  tick
FREE Domain UsageCS will register, pay for and provide the domain for use Free of charge to all current CS package clients.  tick  tick  tick
 FREE Local HostingEmploying SA hosting results in faster loading & better experience both from the admin and the client side.  tick  tick  tick
 Unique Admin UsersThe number of distinct users who can access the site backend for maintenance, uploads, editing and managing.  1 Users  2 Users  5 Users
 Checkout OptionsSingle Checkout reflects a single method of payment, usually invoice creation, Dual provides 2 installed options, and Full enables any number of options, which can be shifted and modified at any time. Single  Dual Checkout Full Checkout
System UpgradesHigh Priority on all System, platform and installation upgrades.  tick *Care Packages 2 Hours 
 Responsive – Mobile/TabletThis means you can access a larger market as your site template adapts visually to smaller screen sizes, such as mobile/tablet users.  tick  tick  tick
 Technical SupportAny technical problems, give a call or send an email. If you've got a Care package linked to your account we'll help you straight away.  tick Email  Email & Phone
 System Support & Upgrades  tick *Care Packages  tick
 Regular System Back-UpsNo worries, nothing you can do can destroy your online shop. Its backed up on a regular basis.  tick *Care Packages  tick
 Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Get a higher Google & Bing search engine rating for the products you are marketing.  tick  DIY  tick
 Fully CustomizableFTP and core database and template files are editable.  tick  tick  tick
FREE Domain Email AddressesA of your choice routed to the mailbox of your preference.  tick   1*Your first domain Email Address: forwarded to whatever mailbox you prefer.tick   3*Your first three domain Email Addresses, e.g. forwarded to whatever mailboxes you prefer.tick
FREE Add-on Module every 6 monthsEvery 6 months you get a NEW module worth between R350 -R580 per year for FREE for LIFE. This means that after a short while your site will include a range of nifty add-ons for zilch.  tick  tick  tick
Monthly Content Uploads1 Hour per month of product or content upload, feature shifting or Basic SEO work.  tick  tick  tick
Pricing per MonthCloudSales offers an unbeatable range of scalable e-Commerce products.   R 299.-  R 499.-  R 999.-
Initial Online Store Setup
Feature Description The Great Deal- Online Retail Package The Grand - Online Retail Package The Awesome - Online Retail Package
FREE Initial Product Uploads* CloudSales receives your initial images, and product details, description & categories. 15  35 
 Access to Training MaterialFull access to an updated a continually growing Tutorials Depository.  tick  tick  tick
 About /Company Info PageProvide your clients with info about your company, goals, mission, contact details and more.  Add-on  tick  tick
 Google Analytics Account Provided  CS will link up any active account and provide a recommended implementation guide.  Add-on   tick  tick
 SA Payment Gateway LinkupLinkup to the best performing SA Payment Gateways.  tick  tick  tick
 Access to Premium ThemesChoose any of the globally, most up-to-date themes available in our stock.  tick  tick  tick
 1 Hour Personal Training (Phone)  One on one training in the top 10 most important tasks to manage your online shop. Via either Skype or phone.  tick  tick  tick
CustomizationWant to switch things around? Turn things upside down or inside out? You got it.  tick *Care Packages 2 Hours 
Courier Integration & CalculationDirect integration & configuration with domestic market-leader Courier Company.  tick Add-on   tick
Basic Designer Package Get your Logo touched up and uploaded along with 2 full banners and 1 promotional banners. Price: R 999.-  tick  tick  tick
Pricing for Initial Online Store SetupCloudSales offers an unbeatable range of scalable e-Commerce products.   R 1995.-  R 2995.-  R 4995.-
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