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Anything you want to know about the Team, who we are, our vision, contact details, growth plans, ideology & who we’re hiring.

Join the CS Affiliates Program

For more info on our Affiliates Program and how to sign-up put in your details below and I’ll add you to our affilates section where you can download all the material you need to begin turning a profit and receiving commision on clients forwarded to CS. The very lucrative CS Affiliates Program is eligible for both on- and offline entities for all successful client referrals.  A total of not more than 20% commission is immediately paid to affiliate members.  

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We’re Hiring

We’re hiring and are looking for the most creative, reliable, engaging and intuitive web-designers technicians & customer engagement personnel out there. If you want to be a part of CloudSales send your CV with including links to an online portfolio to with the SUBJECT LINE: “Hiring”. Part time Senior Web Developer Junior Web Developer Modern-style, web-oriented graphic designer Forward-thinking Web-designer Offline Marketing Rep Online Marketing Specialist Technology Focused Interns Only geeks and creative passionate pirates should apply.- Those who can’t put their gadgets down, love creating excellence and work well together with others.  

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About Us – Mission & Ethos

 Our Mission We’re about finding and fusing fun, innovative products that: Solve a Problem Make a Dream Come True and Give you Peace of Mind. You’re success is our success and we want to hear about how we can do better. Please leave a message here if you noted an area we can improve in.   Our Ethos We believe that business and our work-life is an extension of who we are. Life is a gift – Enjoy the journey and the growth of your business. Failure – A chance to start again and do better.   Sustainability The challenges of this world are just too many and multi-faceted for us to take on, but we pride ourselves in committing to make a change where we can and have committed 10% of all profits to be invested back into society through charitable organizations. Our focus is in partnering with education and health focused organizations to empower and give opportunity to those with great potential and few resources.   Co-creating If you would like to work together with us on an innovative business model, creative online application or a joint venture, get in touch and tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us using the various addresses on the contact page or team overview.

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