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All the information about the packages, conditions, benefits & terms simplified just for you.

Package Add-on Features

Professional Add-ons for Online Stores Features Chart Legend: Included in Package     Not Eligible in Package Starter Add-on @ R29.- per month PRO Add-on @ R49.- per month   Add-on Description Setup Fee STARTER Add-ons . . . R –.-       R 299.-       R 299.-       R 299.-       R 299.-       R 299.-       R 299.-       R 299.-       R 299.-       R 499.-       PRO Add-ons . . . R 499.-       R 499.-       R 499.-       R 499.-       R 499.-       R 499.-       R 499.-       R 499.-       R 499.-       R 999.-       R 999.-       Domain Services . . . R –.-       R –.-  R 199.-     R –.-  Starting at R199  Starting at R199  Starting at R199 Professional Investments/Integration       R 499.-       R 499.-       R –.-  R99 per month     R –.-  R199 per month  R99 per month   R 1199.-      R 499.- pm R 1899.-      R 699.- pm Professional Services for Online Retail   Feature Description Total Cost  R1999  Once-Off  Total Cost  R2999  Once-Off  R1799 pm  R1799 pm R1799 pm  R1899 pm  R1899 pm R1899 pm 

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Full Product Comparison Chart

Permanent Online Store Features   Feature Description                                1 Users  2 Users  5 Users Single  Dual Checkout Full Checkout   *Care Packages 2 Hours          Email  Email & Phone   *Care Packages     *Care Packages      DIY                             R 299.-  R 499.-  R 999.- Initial Online Store Setup   Feature Description 3  15  35         Add-on      Add-on                          *Care Packages 2 Hours    Add-on            R 1995.-  R 2995.-  R 4995.-

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Additional Sign-Up Benefits:

To save you endless hours of research of legalities & and policies & service providers, we’ve complied the best most effective methods of adding all the necessary documentation for a professional online business, without you having to do anything but add it. ONLINE RESOURCES We help you craft your Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Sample Document Returns  & Refund Policy – Sample Document* Copyright Your Online Content – Simple & Easy /Included Safety Online Seal  – Free Validated Seal The base trusted site seal is available free to any domain that meets our terms of use and meets our validation requirements for Internet Best Practices. Sites may be listed in our directory of trusted sites. Access to a Recommended Complete Range of Anti-virus, PC management, Online Security Software. PCI Scan of 3 IP Addresses – Included Directions PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Wizard Vulnerability Scan – External Google AdWords Guidance – Simple Guide & Video* ADDITIONAL PROPRIETARY TAILORED RESOURCES Documents and Resources to make your eCommerce Journey a bit easier and your online portfolio glitch-free. As an online shop owner, you don’t have to use all of these resources from Day One, but they are exclusively available to you whenever the need arises. Checklist for the launch of your ecommerce site Provide you with 3 Top-Three Recommended Couriers A selection of eCommerce product & options set-up resources and information List of Market-leaders for best practice ideas & streamlining Market Research suggestions Recommended site functionality Simple Social Media Guide Best FREE online sales resources for SA SMEs *Selected *Marked* elements may not be complete before June 2013.

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