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MasterCard Online Shopping in South Africa [Infographic]

Here you will see the latest trends in online shopping in South Africa and the impact which both good customer support as well as the credit card penetration is having in the online retail economy.

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Till = Tablet – Is SA Ignoring the Need for Responsive Websites and Online Stores?

It seems as if the whole world has recognized the need for responsive sites and nowhere should that acceptance be more evident than in emerging markets such as South Africa, where most of the new online data consumers (and the next generation of online retail consumers) first got online via a mobile device. Yet established players are hesitant to switch systems and seem to hoping all those pesky small devices are just going to go away. The good news is: “They’re not!” According to both predictions and sales reports, tablets are not the future, tablets are the NOW. T-Commerce (online sales made via tablet devices) grew by almost 100% in 2012 and I’m curious how 2013 will shape up. While I think Microsoft may have been a bit early with an immersive, mobile-oriented OS, it is plain to see that if the largest software developer is creating flagship products targeting mobile devices, than perhaps we should too. The mobile trend is here to stay and it is only a matter of time until the till becomes the tablet. Romero, of says: ”Mobile/social/wireless communication is what people are buying, not desktops. Laptops, tablets, phones and peripherals will work better together in the months to come. Cables are and will continue to disappear.”       Author: Jonathan Novotny Jonathan Novotny is Author, Speaker and Social Entrepreneur in Africa. He currently heads up and is co-founder of .

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How to Create Killer Product Pages

We all want to be complemented for our Online Shop. We put a lot of time, thought, effort, hopefully some creativity, or we may have even hired a costly agency to take care of the whole caboodle. But people don’t seem comfortable on the site and aren’t making purchases even though you have plenty of traffic per month. – Sound familiar? Well, researchers found that there are just 3 primary things which prevent product “browsers” from being product purchasers. These are: Insufficient Product Information. Too Small Product Image. Too many distractions. To get a complete overview of the top 21 point in online sales, keep reading below.

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For Small Biz: Your Website is Your Cash Register

There is some particularly great information and tips towards the end of this Infographic. For a comprehensive eCommerce solution for South African Small business check out

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Rise of Multi-Screen Content Consumption

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “Responsive Design” and happily nodded along hoping to catch some hint of “what the hell it means.” Well, here’s the brief: “Tablets and smartphones have quickly become a technological staple for consumers” (Uberflip, 2013) and the web has swiftly adapted to this by creating flexible website structures which adapt to the size of screen viewing it. Check out the Infographic below or download it here: What is responsive design? Check it out here.

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It’s Time to Sell Online – Yaaaay!

If anyone had their doubts about it being the “Right time to start your online shop”, just check out the infographic below and any hesitancy will be eliminated. Of course, this highlights e-Commerce in a developed market. So let’s keep in mind that South African and African e-Commerce rates are growing about 300% faster here than in developed markets and now is the time to get your piece of the pie, before someone else does. ;-) This fear factor concept was hugely exploited by GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar globally at the recent Super Bowl Series Advertisement A Kiss You will Never Forget. However, truth be told, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is NOW. [African proverb, or so I've been told] So begin your online shop preparations  today.

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The Growth of eCommerce – Get on Board

It’s amazing how in a shifting global economy large chunks of commercial sectors can shift at an astounding pace. Both Walmart (big in SA now) and many of the other large global retailers understand the critical value of eCommerce. Check out the Infographic from Baynote below to see just how much eCommerce is shaping the global economy and your business.

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[Infographic] How to target Tablet & Mobile users on your Online Store

Jenn Lisak of Marketing Tech summarizes some of the most crucial points for your eCommerce website, especially if you’re planning on attracting tablet & mobile users as clients. Men are more likely to use tablets and mobile phones to make purchases than women. The #1 frustration for consumers is not having enough product information online. Facebook commerce rises on tablets/mobile phones. Over 50% of 18-34 year olds plan to use mobile devices to purchase this holiday season. And check out the very informative Infographic below.

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[Infographic:] What is eCommerce?

Seriously, just the best overview of e-Commerce ever. A fantastic overview for beginners and experienced users as well. This explains “What is e-Commerce?”, “The Brief History of e-Commerce”, “e-Commerce Classifications”, “The Advantages of e-Commerce” and finally, “Where is e-Commerce Today”.

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